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( A State University Reaccredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC )


Our Vision

To enable a man to realize his true nature, harness his talent for longer-lasting benefit of human race by engaging people from all walks of life across the range of its academic and research activities and build sustainable societies taking into account the great social and environmental issues confronting the humanity

Our Values

Deriving from the vision, the University is guided by the following values:


  • Provide all students with healthy learning & research environment supported by appropriate well defined curricula, personalized learning experiences and advanced techniques;
  • Promote the study of Vedic literature by following the traditional ethics as a means of preserving the cultural traditions;
  • Focus on revival and promotion of Pahari culture and sustenance of indigenous knowledge, values and ethos of its people; and.
  • Enrich the social, economic, cultural and literary life of the University and state by becoming competitive at national level and distinguished at global level;

Academic Truthfulness

  • Prepare students with a positive attitude and train them to be honest in their dealings;
  • Offer academic liberty, allowing its faculty members and students to involve in critical inquiry and exchange of ideas without any fear, favour or hesitation;

Social Responsibility

  • Connect and contribute through its academics, research, extension and collaborations to find ways to meet the challenges which the mankind is facing in the present century;
  • Make students realize the concept of unity in diversity, a distinctive feature of Indian culture which has enabled civilizations to remain integrated in terms of social, cultural and spiritual aspects;
  • Encourage and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology into solutions to improve the quality of life of people by addressing issues of common concern

Humanistic and People-Centred

  • Impart a humanistic attitude and spirit of service;
  • Create an inclusive ambience, open to all irrespective of caste, creed and gender to remove the barriers in higher education;
  • Motivate students in realizing their potential through creative spaces;
  • Engage professionally qualified academicians to cultivate values among students;
  • Aspire for a friendly environment for the persons with different abilities